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has a simple policy, plus all this other stuff below! BUT

1. If you can't publish it in USA TODAY® -and/or- put it on Walt Disney® or post it on the Whitehouse® Website…………DO not try to post it here!

2. Then you can not, you will not, don't even try to do it on my server. 24-7BusinessCard has the right to cancel any account at any time for any infraction that compromises 24-7BusinessCard and /or the World Wide web …and any money pay will not be refunded at all.   NONE. If you sue, we will also get our expenses which includes our defense team.  BTW: you're site will be shut down

3. Besides, I will also tell your mother!

4. Registration of Domain is handle by 24-7BusinessCard, if you want to handle this on your own and you want direct Control of your Website, that's COOL but 24-7BusinessCard will only be responsible for the Under Construction page as recovery. Clients are totally responsible for their data.

5. will make a back up of you site by request only.

6. There are yearly dues that include registration of YOUR Domain as well as a fee to make sure everything is OK with your site.

7. If you require a yearly update HTMLs or Database - this will happen 4 times per year at a cost of $50 no matter what you want to chance. If you require changes before the scheduled Quarter updates there will be a $100 charge per change.

8. FTP software is the responsibility of the Client, 24-7BusinessCard does not pirate software. HTML software is responsibility of the client. Ownership belongs to of all CODING used to make the all web pages work.

9. All FULL System start up Web sites cost have a cap of 10 hours time limit. So plan your web site well.

10. The 50 Meg package has a 2 hour time limit.

11. There will never be a refund for a Domain name! You are responsible to spell it correctly.  

12. More later .. IF IN DOUBT -ASK ME before agreeing to advertising on and /or

NOW the rest of this stuff still applies to a higher entity … my server gurus

® = Copyright belongs to respective owners … you know them This Registration Agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the terms and

conditions of your use of to register a domain name on the Internet. is an accredited

registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") under an agreem