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Business Cards from Around the USA

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Delta-T JR is a Building Contractor In Hammond LA ready to assist you in Building an addition, repair a room.  Creating a Garage, fixing a roof… etc

Call Tony Jr at 123-456-7890  

For $125 you will get a Business Card below!  

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This is a Dentist in Somers, Connecticut

This is a Fishing Website in Pennsylvania with tons of Fishing Equipment for the Fisherman.  

It also has Canadian Fishing trips pictures

Where a Business only needs a Website for A great Business!

 Your Business Card will appear here!

You will get a SINGLE page  Business CARD web for $125 and it will provide all the information that supports what service or product you offer.  With Phone numbers,  how to find you address, if you are a store, location etc

This is not a Website with a Registered Domain…… if you want that, just ask!

Just like the rest of business card appear from around the COUNTRY

 Just business card

  Thank you for coming to  address…… for people who need an address on the WEB.  It’s for the small company who only needs an web access address 24-7 —365 days a year  all for $125 is very real.  I luv to collect Star Notes. What’s a Star note, if you see a STAR in the serial number, that’s a star note and it’s worth a little more than the face value depending on the conditions of the note.  I offer a FREE Rating system for Star notes….. Try it out…..

Why am I doing this?   I am retired guy & just sharing